The Centennial Campaign

Your Vision. Your Legacy. Your Community.

You’re reading this because you care about our Jewish community.

You’ve experienced the ways in which our heritage brings purpose and connection to our lives, and you recognize our responsibility to take care of one another. Like those who have come before, your leadership and commitment make a difference.

Thanks to you, Jewish Detroit remains among the most vital communities to be found anywhere, a place where our most vulnerable individuals are cared for and where a meaningful Jewish life is available to all.

Today, our community is strong.

But What About Tomorrow?

The Centennial Fund was launched to answer this question. This historic effort will make sure that our Jewish community remains healthy and strong for future generations. The Centennial Fund will support every aspect of Jewish life and welfare—as well as provide the means to meet challenges we can’t possibly anticipate.

Now, the Jewish Federation is excited to announce the next phase of this effort.

Giving Categories

The Centennial Fund will have the following established giving categories:

The Centennial Fund is not only for those able to make gifts at the Partner Level and above, but also for members of the community at the “Supporter Level” ($99,999 and below) who wish to contribute towards this essential effort to provide for our Jewish future in Detroit. Funds are raised through both Lifetime and Testamentary gifts.

  • Founder Level: $10 million and above
  • Trustee Level: $5 million to $9,999,999
  • Benefactor Level: $1 million to $4,999,999
  • Partner Level: $100,000 to $999,999
  • Supporter Level: $99,999 and below

Introducing The Centennial Partner Campaign

The Partner Campaign is an opportunity to join with other leaders and philanthropists in the single most important endowment vehicle for our community’s future.

Your contribution of $100,000 to $999,000 will secure Jewish life for our children, grandchildren and many generations to come. All Centennial donations are Donor Designated. You decide how the funds will be used based upon your interests and vision for our community’s future.

Over 200 individuals and families have already committed to the Centennial Fund.
We invite you to join them.

Areas of Focus

The Centennial Fund impacts the full range of Jewish needs and experience and includes four broad areas of focus.

PACE (Perpetual Annual Campaign

Facing an unpredictable future—including economic downturns, shifting demographics and a variety of unforeseen challenges—PACE provides our future leaders with ongoing Annual Campaign funds to respond to the needs of the day. A critical part of our social safety-net, PACE ensures that needs across the community are always met, as well as providing essential funds to support our Jewish way of life.

Social Need

Taking care of the most vulnerable members in our community is a core priority of the Centennial Fund. Whether it be older Jewish adults, families in crisis, at-risk children, job seekers or individuals with special needs, the Centennial Fund was created to provide lifesaving and life-affirming support for all.

Examples include:

  • Older adult programs and services at Jewish Senior Life
  • Vocational training at JVS Human Services
  • Supports for families in crisis at Jewish Family Service

Jewish Identity and Education

The fabric of our community is
built upon the wisdom, values and experiences that serve as the foundation of a vibrant Jewish life. The Centennial Fund will provide ongoing support to organizations that spark and sustain Jewish identity, including our day schools, camps, youth groups, campus Hillels and more.

Examples include:

  • Funding for Jewish Day School education
  • Scholarships at Tamarack Camps
  • Jewish programming at Hillels on campus

Global Jewish Responsibility

Klal Yisrael, the call to help Jews in need and build Jewish peoplehood in Israel and around the world, is an integral part of our living heritage. This means providing the resources to respond to global crises, protect at-risk populations, support Jewish community building around the world and foster an ever-deeper partnership with Israel and its people.

Examples include:

  • Providing for emergency social needs in Israel
  • Support for under-served Israelis
  • Rescue and relief services to Jewish communities in crisis around the globe

Vehicles for Giving to the Centennial Fund

Lifetime and testamentary gifts may be made in a variety of ways:


  • Cash
  • Appreciated Stock and Property
  • IRA/Retirement Plans

Split Gift

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts


  • Bequests
  • IRA/Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance

Foundation Grants

  • Support Foundations
  • Private Foundations
  • Philanthropic Funds (Donor Advised)

Learn more about the Centennial Partner Campaign from a member of our team